Cities and houses are places to meet - and create energy! MAKE creates modern Nordic site-specific architecture, and is part of a network of collaborators who develop projects and structures in a process where the architect is creatively implementing the idea.


By working together with the client, the end users and the contractors from the beginning of a project, the project’s predictability increases. MAKE creates creative, economical solutions that combine the wishes of the client with thoughtful architectural ideas. Increasing predictability can reduce costs and improve both quality and architecture.


MAKE specialises in housing, offices and recreational architecture. We offer architectural services in all project phases from design and sketching to regulation, building application and construction administration. MAKE uses the principles of targeted project management as a management tool and quality assurance. Each project is defined early through a project definition.

The most important objectives / milestones are prepared in cooperation with the project group in order to establish common goals. The projects are priced and billed according to the same set milestones, which makes it easy for the builder to monitor progress and expected revenue stream in the months to come.

Central approval

  • Applicant (for all types of measures) level 3

  • Design of Architecture level 3

  • Design of outdoor areas and landscaping level 2

Sentral godkjenning av foretaket

  • Søker (for alle typer tiltak) i tiltaksklasse 3

  • Prosjektering av Arkitektur i tiltaksklasse 3

  • Prosjektering av Utearealer og landskapsutforming i tiltaksklasse 2

MAKE Arkitekter AS
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Kai R. Gundersen
Partner, siv. ark. MNAL
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Hans B. Biserød
Partner, siv. ark. MNAL
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